Want to do something new? Give up something else.

You want to learn a language? You want to start that business? You want to be a better writer, to cook, to dance, to code? Let’s be honest, we all want to do something new. Something great.

Maybe you’re like me and you start something, do it for a while, and then it fades. You start making excuses that you don’t have enough time…things are SUPER busy, ya know?

No shit, we’re all busy.

The point isn’t to pile something new on top. Our days are already full. Every day for the last [enter your age] years you have filled every single day. You probably have commitments and plans to fill the next [enter your life expectancy] years too. Where is the time for these new things supposed to fit in?

Jason Fried puts it great in this, slighlty un-related, blog post

Habit, momentum, familiarity, anxiety of the unknown – these are incredibly hard bonds to break.

Want to do something new? Give up something else. Make room for the thing you want to do. Change your habits. Change your momentum. Step in to the unfamiliar and give it your full attention.

Don’t just tack on the new thing and hope they stick. Clear out a special place for the things you WANT to do. It will make it much easier to do them.